SuperDoku 1.1

Neat Sudoku game with cool new features

SuperDoku is the best free way to play SuDoku on the pocket pc. What's a SuDoku? "Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. That's all there is to it. There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive!"

Some of the key features of SuperDoku include:

8 different difficulty levels

It does not just load grids from files. It randomly generates them each time so you'll never run out!

Beat lower difficulty levels to earn higher difficulty levels

Solves entered-in puzzles

Using the "Burn Grid as New Game" tool

Load and Save functions

With auto-save options, so you can save SuDokus for later

Pencil Marks

Little numbers in the corners of the squares that some people like to use to remind them of what can go where

Easy to use interface


Two kinds, spoiler and non-spoiler. It can show you the location of a square that can be narrowed down to one option, or it can fill in the square for you. If you use hints, though, you won't earn higher difficulty levels

Reveal mistakes

Lets you know if you're on the right track by blinking incorrect squares. This also prevents you from earning higher difficulty levels

Bold Selected

This makes it really easy to focus on a certain number by "bolding" every square already containing that number. If you've ever done a paper SuDoku, you've found yourself wishing they had this option

Bold Original Game

Makes it easy to see which squares you can edit and which you can not

Skinnable interface!

The developer provides several nice skins with the download, and there will be an option to download new themes from his site in the future

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SuperDoku 1.1

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